STAR SW-20     Swiss Type Automatic Lathe


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Newest generation for little idle times

This new CNC automatic lathe offers at high level:
. new FANUC control unit
. 24 tool positions, 11 axes
. 2 gang tool posts for simultaneous machining on main spindle
. frontworking 6 stations for power driven tools
. backworking with completely independent Y-axis
. 8 stations backworking unit (of which 6 turning)
. high rapid feed rate (20-35 m/min depending on axis)


 Tool kinematics* SW-20 




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 Specification* SW-20 


CNC control unit
Number of axes
Max. machining diameter
Max. headstock stroke
Max. main spindle speed
Main spindle indexing

Gang tool post X1 
Gang tool post X3 
Coolant tank capacity
Dimension (W x D x H)
Rapid feed rate 

Fanuc 31i-B5
Ø 20 mm (23 mm Option)
205 mm stationary guide bush 
10'000 rpm
C-Axis (0.01°) 
3.7 KW (built-in motor)

3 power driven tools
max. 8'000 rpm, 1.2 KW
4 turning tools 12x12 
3 power driven tools
max. 8'000 rpm, 1.2 KW
2 turning tools 12x12
4-station tool holder

150 L 
2588 x 1150 x 1765 mm 
3500 kg 
35 m/min (X2, Z1, Z2, Y1, Y3) 




 Backworking* SW-20 


Max. machining diameter

Max. pick-up part length

Max. part protection length

Max. sub spindle speed


Sub spindle indexing

Tool station Y2 

Ø 20mm (23 mm option)

80 mm

30 mm

10'000 rpm

3.7 KW (built-in motor) 

C-Axis (0.01°) 

2 stationary stations
6 power driven stations
max. 8'000 rpm, 1.2 KW 


* Specifications are subject to change

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